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Camp Waipu Cove


General Info

Office Hours

Our office is open every day from 7:30am-9pm; with extended hours from 7am-10pm daily during our peak times and on summer weekends between Labour Weekend and Easter.

Check-in and Check-out Times

Check-in time is 1pm onwards for sites and 2pm onwards for cabins.
Check-out time for all accommodation is 10am.
Outside of peak times, guests on powered and non-powered sites can request a 5pm check out for an additional $15 per site. Please ask at reception if you would like to take advantage of this option.

Peak Times

Our Peak time covers the summer period from 20 Dec - 6 February each year, as well as Easter and Labour Weekend. Peak rates apply during these times, and minimum stays are also required.

Entry and Exit

Barrier arms are in operation year-round. All guests will be issued with a gate fob to use during their stay.  If you need to enter and/or exit the campground outside of office hours, please discuss with reception staff, who will either issue you a special gate fob or direct you to park in the parking area outside the main office.

To use your gate fob, drive up close to the black sentry box and keypad and press the fob end firmly into the circle below the keypad to raise the barrier arm. Please note that when gate fobs are in use, they must be used for both entry and exit. Otherwise they will get out of sync and will not work.


Unfortunately we are not able to allow pets on-site. We are situated right next to the Waipu Wildlife Refuge, which is home to the New Zealand fairy tern (New Zealand's most endangered indigenous breeding bird) and a number of other protected birds.

Booking your stay

How to book

Bookings can be made online, via email or by phone, or in person at the office.

Minimum Stays

Minimum stays apply during peak times as follows:
At Labour weekend, a minimum stay of 3 nights applies to all accommodation.
At Easter, a minimum stay of 4 nights applies to all accommodation
During the peak summer period, a minimum stay of 4 nights in cabins and 7 nights on sites applies, unless we are filling a shorter gap between other bookings.
If you would like a shorter stay during any peak period, feel free to contact our office to discuss availability.

Summer Booking/Rebooking Policy

Guests with cabin bookings of 4 nights or more or camp site bookings of 7 nights or more between 20 December – 6 February have the first option to re-book the same cabin/site for the same dates the following year. Guests will be required to complete a rebooking form to be returned to the office.  Deposits are required within 14 days of the booking creation.  All other bookings for the peak summer period can be made from 7 March onward.

Adult, Child & Infant Ages

The following cutoff ages apply for Infants and Children when booking:

  • Infant (0-2 years)
  • Child (3-14 years)
  • Adults (15 & over)

Accounts and Payment


A deposit of $250 or 50% of the booking value (whichever is less) per site/cabin is required to confirm all reservations. Deposits must be paid within 14 days of making a booking, or at the time of making the booking if it falls within the 14 days.

Payment On Arrival

All balances must be paid in full on arrival for the entire duration of the booking.


A cancellation fee of $20 applies to all cancelled bookings.
If a booking is cancelled 31 days or more before the arrival date, a full refund is available, less the $20 cancellation fee.
If a booking is cancelled less than 30 days prior to arrival, but no later than 24 hours prior to arrival, a refund (less cancellation fee) is available, provided the site/unit can be relet for entire duration of the booking.
Refunds can be paid via electronic banking to a nominated NZ bank account on the 20th of the month following cancellation (and receipt of bank account number), or held over and credited to another booking.
No refunds are available if a booking is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to arrival. No refunds for cancellation due to weather.
No refunds or tariff reductions are available in case of late arrival or early departure.


All tariffs are reviewed annually. Management reserves the right to alter tariffs without notice.

Cabin & Bunkhouse Users


We would appreciate it if you could wash your dishes before checking out of cabins.

Storage of Sporting Gear

Please store bicycles, surfboards, kayaks and other large sporting equipment outside of cabins. If you are concerned about security, please ask reception to store your equipment in one of our locked buildings.


Linen is not supplied in our standard Kitchen Cabins. However, linen is available for guests in these rooms to hire. Each linen bag contains a pair of sheets, one duvet and one blanket, plus pillows and towels (one for Single beds and two for Double or Queen). These can be hired at the office for $15 /bag (regardless of the bed size or length of your stay).  Guests staying in the Bunkhouse will be required to bring their own linen/bedding.

All linen is supplied in our Self-Contained and Deluxe Kitchen Cabins; however, as these are not serviced units, if you require additional linen and/or towels please see reception.

Powered and Unpowered Site Users

Site Sizes

Our average site size is 8m x 8m, but please contact us when booking if your vehicle or camping set-up will occupy more than 6m x 6m, so we can be sure your site is a suitable size.

Site Setbacks

For fire safety reasons, all motorhomes/caravans/tents must be placed with a 1.5m setback from boundaries with other sites, to give a 3m gap between campers on adjacent sites.

Awnings and Tents

Only one motorhome/caravan and one awning OR one tent is allowed per site (i.e., If you have an awning, you may not also have a tent and vice-versa).

Electrical connection

Our power supply to powered sites is 16 amps.
All campers, caravans and motor homes connecting to our power outlets must have a current electrical warrant of fitness.

All tents connecting to our power outlets must use an approved isolating transformer or RCD safety switch with Reyrolle plug, with a current AS/NZS3760 test tag (a limited number are available for hire at the office - $10 hire + $50 refundable bond).

LPG compliance

All campers, caravans and motor homes using gas must comply with LPG standard (NZS5428 1996).

Waste Water

Please provide your own waste water container - do not let your waste water run onto the ground.

Dump Station / Chemical Toilets

Chemical toilets and waste water may only be emptied into the dump station, which is located in the centre of the campground (see map). For health reasons:

  • Wash away any spillage immediately
  • Do not remove the hose attached to the dump station or use it for any other purpose
  • After disposal of waste water, wash hands thoroughly with soap provided.



For Police, Fire or Ambulance, dial 111 from your cellphone, or 1-111 from the office phone (if reception staff are not available). If there is an emergency during office hours, please visit the office or call 09-432-0410 to inform the duty manager. After hours, use the handset outside the office door to contact the after-hours duty manager.

Tsunami Siren

In the event of the Tsunami siren being activated, you will hear a continuous high pitched siren alarm.  This will sound if there is a risk of Tsunami in the area.  If you hear this siren, please prepare yourself to evacuate immediately.  Please follow all instructions from staff.  Guests on foot will be directed to St Anne Road (approx 100m from the camp entrance - turn right out of camp front entrance and St Anne Road is your first left).  Those in vehicles may continue on Cove road and turn onto Cullen Road (exit out of the camp and turn right, second street on left hand side is Cullen Road)

*Please note, there is Tsunami Siren testing twice annually.  Both at the beginning and end of Daylight savings.  Camp staff will notify you of when this is taking place if it is during your stay*

Breakages and Damage

To help us keep our grounds, facilities and cabins in tip-top condition and safe for everyone, please notify us immediately of any breakages, spills or faulty equipment.

Vehicle speed

“DEAD SLOW” Vehicles driving in the campground must not exceed walking pace (5KM/hr). Speeding or dangerous driving could lead to your vehicle being denied entry. Gate tags are in use over peak times.

Barrier Arms

When using entering and leaving the campground via the barrier arms at the main entrance, for your safety and the safety of others:

  • ONE VEHICLE ONLY to go through when the barrier arm is raised
  • Ensure the barrier is FULLY RAISED before driving through
  • DO NOT WALK OR CYCLE under the barrier arms when they are raised or moving

Failure to observe the above could result in serious damage or injury as a result of the barrier hitting you or your vehicle.

Fire Safety

Open fires, including charcoal BBQ’s and braziers, are not permitted within the camp/reserve or beach areas. See also Site Setbacks and Fireworks.
Fireworks are strictly prohibited at all times within the campground, on the adjacent reserve and on the beach in front of the campground.


Parents, please supervise and control your children. You are responsible for your child/ren’s safety at all times, including any damage they cause or dangers they create for others.

Paddling pools

For safety and water conservation reasons, paddling pools are not permitted in the campground.

Bikes, Scooters and Skateboards

Bikes and scooters may be used in the campground, provided the following rules are observed:

  • Ride at a moderate pace
  • Wear a helmet at all times
  • No riding after dark, or after 9pm in the summer
  • No riding on concrete around ablution blocks or over gardens.
  • No skateboarding is allowed in the campground


Conduct and Noise

To ensure all our guests have a great holiday, please exercise common sense and show consideration at all times to other guests. Management reserves the right to refuse admission and to remove from the campground any person who in their opinion does not conduct themselves in a decent and reasonable manner. No refund will be made in such circumstances. Please refrain from playing loud music or audible devices. If you cause a disturbance to other campers, you may be asked to desist. All noise is to cease at 11pm 7 days a week. If you are returning to the camp late at night, please remember others are sleeping and make your way quietly to your cabin or site. If the gates are locked, you will have to park outside the camp.


Liquor may only be consumed on your site or in your unit, not around the camping ground or taken into amenities blocks. During the peak summer period, liquor bans often apply at Waipu Cove. The provisions and infringements provided for under this law will be on display on camp notice boards. The day reserve at the southern end of the camp and the grass strip on the beach front between the surf club and the Northern boundary of the campground is alcohol free and closed to everyone from 10pm – 7am daily.


Costs as a result of damage to property or accommodation units will be recovered.

No Smoking/Vaping

All our accommodation units and communal buildings are strictly non-smoking/Vaping. Additional charges will be made for additional cleaning and maintenance costs incurred as a result of failure to observe this policy.  From October 2021 the camp will be completely smoke free and Vape free.  This means guests will not be able to vape or smoke in any part of the camp ground.


Our water supply is metered and is a precious resource, especially during the summer months. Please conserve water at all times – turn off taps when not in use; no water bombs/balloons, slides, pistols or other water toys; and no washing of cars.


Unfortunately we are not able to allow pets on-site. We are situated right next to the Waipu Wildlife Refuge, which is home to the New Zealand fairy tern (New Zealand's most endangered indigenous breeding bird) and a number of other protected birds.


Only one vehicle is allowed to park at each site/cabin. No parking is available for the bunkhouse. No parking on empty sites or driveways. Day visitors are not allowed to park in the campground.

Additional vehicles may be parked in the overflow parking areas at the entrance and to the North of the campground entrance; or on the road or public parking areas nearby. During the peak summer period, windscreen stickers must be displayed and the one car per site/cabin rule is strictly enforced.

Boat Parking

Boat parking is ideally within your campsite, otherwise under the direction of management in our designated boat parking areas. No boats may be stored at the campground over the winter (between Easter and Labour Weekend).

Day Visitors

Day visitors are allowed at the discretion of management and are your responsibility at all times. All day visitors must register at reception before entering the campground and must depart by 10pm. Day visitors are not allowed to park in the campground.

Campground Services

Rubbish & Recycling

Please use the correct bins for rubbish, recycling and paper/cardboard, to help us in preserving the environment.

Lost Property

Lost property is kept for one month, then disposed of. If you have lost an item, please contact the campground office as soon as possible.

Messages & Mail

Please check at reception if you are expecting messages or mail.


Ice is available during the summer - $5/bag for standard ice and $6/bag for salt ice.

Gas Bottle Swaps

Gas bottles are available for exchange - $35. Dates will be checked on all bottles brought in for exchange – no out of date or rusty bottles will be accepted.

Fish Smoker

A fish smoker is available for guest use – wood pellets are available at the office for $1.